About us

RTX Solutions means over 13 years of activity, during which time we have acquired the necessary experience to provide our current collaborators with the best equipment and devices for business performance.

Over time, we have been involved in identifying effective solutions for the advertising industry market, and international expansion has allowed us to offer our customers quality products and services at competitive prices.

Our passion, technology

When passion becomes business, development will always be in the first place. And because technology is dynamically continuous, we are constantly connected to the latest technological developments, with a team always ready to meet the most demanding requirements from our collaborators.

The constant evolution has pushed us forward

Founded in 2005, our company has developed continuously and harmoniously, moving from the level of service provider to the status of direct importer of industrial machines. Besides these, as top-selling products we deal with embroidery machines, engraving machines, marking machines, and also HoReCa equipments.

Progress means performance

The efforts of the entire RTX Solutions team are best seen in the quality of our products offered.

Despite the changes and the evolution, we did not want to move away from the original passion for creativity and beauty, so we still offer embroidery services, personalizations and inscriptions (badge personalizations, sublimation personalizations, embroidery personalizations, personalizations by engraving, pencil inscriptions, key ring inscriptions, auto inscriptions), business services and advertisements (light boxes, engraved panels, etc.).

We know how important it is to use consumable supplies that match the type of device sold, so we offer our collaborators various consumer products, such as ink, printer cleaning solutions, embroidery paper and embroidery thread.

Transparency, professionalism, high quality standards

All the products offered bear the footprint of quality, in the light of the experience accumulated throughout our entire business. The relationship with our partners plays a definitive role in the structure of our company, which is why we would like a more transparent collaboration with them.

Moreover, we offer free consultation before choosing the right products because we want to be sure that the equipment and consumables purchased through our online store will fit perfectly into your business system!